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WinStar World Casino and Resort 350

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when jackets have been dug out from the bottom of the closet, football is the only thing on everyone’s television and decorated pumpkins are starting to show up on doorsteps. Fall is upon us, which means a lot of exciting events are coming up. One of those being the WinStar World Casino and Resort 350 at Texas Motor Speedway!

The WinStar World Casino and Resort 350 is a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race that takes place at Texas Motor Speedway located in Fort Worth, Texas. This annual event brings race enthusiasts from all over Okla...

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The World's Game Show: Stayin' Alive!

We wrapped up another wonderful, fun-filled weekend here at WinStar and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! We had a promotion in Casino 360°, bands playing at the Palladium Lounge and dance parties at Mist. While those were all exciting, our most notable event was The World’s Game Show: Stayin’ Alive!

There are many thrilling aspects of The World’s Game Show, the opening act being one of them. Michael Goudeau, a world-class comedy juggler from Las Vegas, was an excellent opening act. He cracked jokes, got the crowd involved and was skilled enough to juggle knives on a unic...

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PBR Palooza!

Hello, friends! We had a fantastic Labor Day weekend we had here at WinStar. We had the fan-favorite, Time Machine, playing at the Palladium Lounge, two-stepping fun at Mist and action-packed bull riding during PBR. While all of that was exciting, I want to dwell on PBR because it was an awesome experience that I want to re-live!

I have never attended a bull riding event before, so I had no idea what to expect leading up to my arrival Friday night. My excitement level quickly escalated when I saw the enormous stadium and arena with the bulls rearing to go in their pens. People started fi...

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4th of July!

Hi, friends! Can you believe it’s already July? I started writing to you all back in January, but it feels like I wrote my first blog just yesterday. Okay, maybe a little longer than that, but you catch my drift! I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far. The 4th of July just passed and we celebrated in style here at WinStar. In case you missed all the action, I’m here to recap it for you!

We started the holiday off early with the Eli Young Band on July 3rd. This band captured the hearts of thousands, not only because of their awesome tunes, but because they were so relatabl...

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Making Memorial Day Memorable

Happy Friday, everyone! I know I usually only write once a week, but this is a special occasion because it’s Memorial Day weekend. We have a couple of fun promotions going on over the next few days, and I couldn’t let them pass without letting you all know about them. Fair warning: these promotions are so awesome that you may reconsider your weekend plans if we weren’t already included in them!

The first promotion I would like to talk about is the Bingo Memorial Day Celebration. Patrons started earning entries on May 2nd and, like our regular Bingo sessions, games were only held F...

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Casino 360 Craziness!

Hi, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. The weather was definitely on our side, which was a nice change of pace! I’ve been waiting all week to write to you again, particularly because of the topic- Casino 360°! Hold on tight because a lot of mind-blowing information is about to be thrown your way.

If you don’t already know, Casino 360° is located inside our London Gaming Plaza. It is,a casino within a casino. Once you enter, you’ll be transported into your own interactive casino with music, celebrations, and real-time tweeting. Patrons are encouraged to use...

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Bits about Beijing!

Well, hello there! We’ve made it around to another Monday and, as always, my mind is already on the weekend. In last week’s blog, I highlighted our new pool which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. This week, I’d like to continue on with our Whirl Win World Tour. So far, we’ve covered London, Madrid and Rome, and now we’re moving east to Beijing!

Like most of the other cities I’ve covered, I really only know a couple of basic things about Beijing. They speak Mandarin and chopsticks are their main utensils (when I said basic, I meant really basic). Thos...

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It's pool time, people!

Happy Monday, everyone! I am thrilled to start this week off with some great news! If you have been here within the last few months, you may have noticed the huge, resort-style pool teasing you near Pool Tower North. It will no longer be teasing you because, as of last Friday, it is open! Before you run off to grab your suits and sunscreen, I would like to tell you just how special this pool really is.

It is obviously visually pleasing, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Below are some fun facts about the pool that you probably didn’t know.

• It holds 154,000 gallons of...

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The Perfect Date Night

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We sure did here at WinStar! It was busy, full of excitement and love. I say love because I couldn’t help but notice the amount of couples there were in the casino. This made me think of all the possibilities there are here for a date night! So, this week’s blog is about the perfect date night! Listen carefully, gentlemen- there are some good tidbits in here.

A side note before we start: a date night here can be any night. We, of course, have more to do on the weekends, entertainment wise, but any night will work just fine. You...

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Earth Day Doings

Hi, friends! It’s the last full week of April--can you believe it? It will be time for barbeques, pool parties and camping before you know it. Speaking of all these outdoor activities, did you know that today is Earth Day? I think we all know what this day entails, but I would like to delve a little deeper and see how we can change the planet!

Let’s start with a little history about this day. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, and is now celebrated annually in more than 192 countries (whoa)! The idea behind this day is to honor our Earth, promote a sense of peace, ...

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