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What's bigger than big? Our MegaKeno!

Happy Monday, everyone! It kind of seems like an oxymoron to include happy and Monday in the same sentence, right? We’re all about positive thinking here! Now down to business. In our blog last week, we talked about Bingo and this week we will be discussing another popular game- MegaKeno!

The game of Keno, if you are unfamiliar with it, is a game of chance similar to the lottery. It is based on the drawing of numbers that must correspond with selected numbers on cards. Our regular Keno offers a jackpot of $100,000, while our new MegaKeno has a jackpot of $2 million! We are very excited about this MegaKeno for a couple of reasons. First off, it is the biggest jackpot that has ever been offered in the country. Secondly, it starts at $2 million and will continue to grow each day until it is hit, and when someone does hit it, the cash is paid out in full, on the spot! Sounds pretty good, huh? As General Manager of WinStar, Wayne McCormick, put it, “This is the first product of its kind at WinStar, and we are excited to add additional opportunities to win for our customers.”

I know you are all itching to play, so here’s how you do it! Visit one of the nine Keno Stations, find the locations below:

• Poker Room

• New York Entrance – always open – 2 stations

• Cairo next to Essentials Gift Shop

• Vienna Entrance – 2 stations

• Paris Entrance

• Rome next to Box Office

• London next to Chips N’ Ales

Once you have located one of the stations, purchase a $2 MegaKeno® ticket. If you match between 6 and 9 out of 10 numbers, you’re in the money! If you match 10 out of 10 numbers you take home the JACKPOT, which is guaranteed to be $2 million or more!

I’m sure by now most readers have run off to find the nearest Keno location, but for those of you still here, thank you for reading yet another blog. It’s a pleasure to write for you all, and I hope you take away a little bit of WinStar knowledge each week. Until next time, folks!