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PBR brings bull-busting excitement back to WinStar

Here's a recipe for a good time from the PBR: Take a wiry 150-pound cowboy and put him on a tornado of a 2,000-pound bull in an arena. No mixing necessary -- the bull will take care of that. With one hand strapped to the snorting, raging beast's back, the cowboy has to last 8 second. And then...glory.

There aren't many thrills greater than seeing Professional Bull Riding live, but you'll have your chance when PBR brings the WinStar World Casino Invitational back to town. If you want to see the roughest, toughest cowboys in one of the world's most exciting sports, then the time is now. <...

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Kraig Parker is King

Don't be yourself. Because when Kraig Parker brings his amazing tribute to Elvis Presley to WinStar World Casino on Thursday, Aug. 8, the only people who won't enjoy it are the ones who didn't come to the show.

Kraig Parker has traveled the world performing the songs of the King of Rock n Roll. He's got the look. He's got the moves. And boy, does he ever have the pipes. Best of all, he's got a full Las Vegas-style show band backing him up, which means you'll be treated to the full Elvis experience.

So don't check yourself into Heartbreak Hotel, go ahead and get your tick...

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