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Whoa, we've hit 75,000 Likes!

Hi, everyone! This blog is an extra special one. Want to know why it’s so special? You won’t have to look far to realize it’s because of you! People, such as yourself, who like the photos we post, interact with us and one another on the statuses we make and comment on our page. All of this has led us to a whopping 75,000 Likes on our Facebook page! That’s right, seventy-five with THREE zeroes. We are extremely proud of this milestone and let me tell you why.

First off, the Facebook page was created in 2010, so that means each year we’ve gotten at least 18,750 Likes. That’s m...

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The Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse

Well, hello there! Can you believe it’s been a whole week since I last wrote? Time has been flying by - it’s almost February! Unbelievable. Before you know it, summer will be here and we’ll be halfway through 2014. Someone please invent a device that slows down time! I’ll be forever in your debt.

This week I will be covering Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse. I was looking forward to writing this blog because, quite honestly, I knew next to nothing about the Chinese New Year, much less the Year of the Horse. Hold tight because a whole lot of learning is about to happen! Cons...

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The Red Dirt Series

The Red Dirt Series bands

Happy Monday, friends! I am so excited to be writing to you again! We’re going into the third week of the New Year, and I couldn’t be doing worse with my New Year’s resolutions. Those things get harder to keep each year! I hope you all are having better luck than I am or we could be in trouble.

Now let’s get down to business. This week, I am beyond delighted to be writing about The Red Dirt Series! I am a Texas girl born and raised, so I bleed country music. Yes, coming from a Texan that may be stereotypical, but I do have my reasons. Country music digs deep into your soul. It...

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New Year, New Blog

Hello, friends! Allow me to introduce myself- My name is Jillian Fitzgerald, but you can call me Jill or you can get creative (I’ll entertain your ideas). I will be blogging each Monday about anything and everything WinStar. I’m so very excited to be writing each week, and I hope you follow along to find out what all is in store for you!

Since it’s the beginning of a New Year, I think it makes perfect sense to recap how 2013 ended and how 2014 began here at WinStar. Typically, I spend New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house, so being in the casino was definitely a new expe...

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