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It's your lucky day: Big & Rich come to WinStar

Lucky omens abound all over WinStar World Casino. We've seen horseshoe tattoos, rabbit's foot necklaces, you name it! But rarely is a good luck charm as entertaining as the one we're bringing to you this week. If you like to bet Big and walk away Rich, you'll definitely want to grab a seat as WinStar World Casino presents Big & Rich. Big Kenny and John Rich are a rollicking pair of country singers who know if there's a good time to be had, they ought to be there. You'll be "Lost in This Moment" when they take the stage for a night of soaring voices, strumming guitars and all-out fun. You...

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Poetry and Grace: Jill Scott comes to WinStar

Poet. Singer. Artist. All of these describe her, but none of them can do her justice. Grammy Award winner Jill Scott is bringing her show to the WinStar World Casino and it's an evening that promises to be magical. After being discovered in 2000, Scott burst onto the scene as a lyricist, poet and performer. Her unique voice and vision has made her a sought-after collaborator, appearing with hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, and burgeoning artistic presence in her own right. And now "An Evening With Jill Scott" is coming to the WinStar World Casino. Get ready to feel it as she mixes poetry, rap...

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Caillat & DeGraw are coming to rock your world

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just this upcoming show? That's right WinStar music fans, we've got an amazing show that you've got to see to believe. Not one, but two big-time singer/songwriters are coming to WinStar World Casino just for you. Feeling "Lucky"? You are! Because poppy, peppy (and Grammy-winning) Colbie Caillat will be serenading you with hits like "Bubbly" and "Fallin' For You." This young up and comer has a smooth R&B range with the laid-back California cool to lift your spirits and please your ears. But there's so much more, because we've also got Gavin DeGraw tickl...

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Get "Swingin'" with John Anderson

Music is a fickle business. One day you're in; the next you're out. It takes someone special to stick around and with a career spanning more than 30 years, John Anderson isn't going anywhere.

The country icon released his first single in 1977 and has charted more than 40 times since, including five #1 hits. He's released an astounding 22 studio albums. And now he's coming to WinStar World Casino on June 15 to play for you.

It doesn't matter if you're feeling Wild or Blue, Anderson's smooth guitar and smoky vocals will have you "Swingin'." And, c'mon, is there any ...

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Hot Diggity Dog!

Have you ever watched competitive eaters downing mountains of hot dogs and said to yourself, "I like hot dogs, but how do they eat so many?" Well, get over to WinStar World Casino because on June 10, you'll have a chance to see it live and in-person. We're hosting an official Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Qualifier and bringing in some of the area's biggest eaters to compete.

At 1 p.m. on June 10, you'll see "Pretty Boy" Pete Davekos, Bam Martinez, "Nasty" Nate Biller and more chowing down (and keeping it down) as they compete for the title of Oklahoma Hot Dog Eating Champion and the...

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Satisfy your disco desires with KC and the Sunshine Band and Village People

Sometimes, you just need to get down and funky. It's science, really. Chemical mediators in the blood cause an over-expression of Funk antibodies and without a night of moving and grooving, they can overtake the system. But fear not! Dr. WinStar has just the thing to cure what ails you.

We prescribe one night of the KC and The Sunshine Band/Village People double bill. That's right: we've got two disco legends coming to WinStar World Casino to rock and roll you back to health. Harry Wayne Casey (aka KC) has a regimen in place that will get you up and going in no time. You'll "(Shake...

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Reba McEntire, the Queen of Country

Oklahomans take a lot of pride in their state. We handle tornadoes with ease. We've ruled the domestic oil and natural gas markets for decades. But we're most proud of the great singers and songwriters who have come out of the Sooner State. And few have made the kind of lasting contributions to music, theater and television as Oklahoma's own Reba McEntire.

WinStar is proud to present Reba in concert on June 8. She's striking up the band, grabbing the mic and treating us all to the voice that makes Oklahoma sing! Since her career began back in 1975, McEntire has been responsible for...

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