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Making Memorial Day Memorable

Happy Friday, everyone! I know I usually only write once a week, but this is a special occasion because it’s Memorial Day weekend. We have a couple of fun promotions going on over the next few days, and I couldn’t let them pass without letting you all know about them. Fair warning: these promotions are so awesome that you may reconsider your weekend plans if we weren’t already included in them!

The first promotion I would like to talk about is the Bingo Memorial Day Celebration. Patrons started earning entries on May 2nd and, like our regular Bingo sessions, games were only held F...

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Casino 360 Craziness!

Hi, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. The weather was definitely on our side, which was a nice change of pace! I’ve been waiting all week to write to you again, particularly because of the topic- Casino 360°! Hold on tight because a lot of mind-blowing information is about to be thrown your way.

If you don’t already know, Casino 360° is located inside our London Gaming Plaza. It is,a casino within a casino. Once you enter, you’ll be transported into your own interactive casino with music, celebrations, and real-time tweeting. Patrons are encouraged to use...

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Bits about Beijing!

Well, hello there! We’ve made it around to another Monday and, as always, my mind is already on the weekend. In last week’s blog, I highlighted our new pool which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. This week, I’d like to continue on with our Whirl Win World Tour. So far, we’ve covered London, Madrid and Rome, and now we’re moving east to Beijing!

Like most of the other cities I’ve covered, I really only know a couple of basic things about Beijing. They speak Mandarin and chopsticks are their main utensils (when I said basic, I meant really basic). Thos...

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It's pool time, people!

Happy Monday, everyone! I am thrilled to start this week off with some great news! If you have been here within the last few months, you may have noticed the huge, resort-style pool teasing you near Pool Tower North. It will no longer be teasing you because, as of last Friday, it is open! Before you run off to grab your suits and sunscreen, I would like to tell you just how special this pool really is.

It is obviously visually pleasing, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Below are some fun facts about the pool that you probably didn’t know.

• It holds 154,000 gallons of...

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